41O5ibX-d4L Big Fan Films is now developing a film based on the comic novel Shriver,  by Chris Belden for Michael Maren to direct.  Milos Forman will executive produce and Alfred Sapse is producing.

A man afflicted with a strange ocular disability and a decidedly quirky response to the smell of books falls prey to a case of mistaken identity (or is it imposter syndrome?) that hauls him well out of his comfort zone, delivering him to a world that is as odd as it is authentic. Chris Belden’s Shriver delivers intrigue, a cast of bizarre characters who are also somehow bizarrely believable, and moments of slapstick comedy that are laugh-out-loud funny—all the while exploring the deeply human need for meaning and connection. Read this book!

                                    — Elizabeth Hilts, author of Getting In Touch With Your Inner Bitch and Every Freaking! Day with Rachell Ray

A Short History of Decay


A Short History of Decay premiered at the Hamptons International Film Festival on October 12, 2014 and theatrically in New York City on May 16, 2014.

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A dark comedy about stepping up when your parents are going downhill; a love letter to everyone caring for someone who raised them.

The Film
Nathan Fisher is a particular breed of Brooklyn writer, full of aimless ambition.  Novel? Screenplay? Poem?  He can’t decide.  He’s brought down to earth by the desertion of his long-time girlfriend – a paralegal/novelist who feels herself to be on the verge of a big success, and sees him as a liability.  On the same day she breaks up with him, he receives the news that his father, in Florida, has suffered a stroke.  Nathan–with nowhere else to go–heads to the condo development where his parents (father, stroke, mother, in the early stages of Alzheimer’s) are living a contentious co-existence.  His dad is angry, his mom is dotty, Nathan is lost.  His older brother Jack–a conservative lobbyist and the “stable” one–is also in the throes of his own marital mess.  In this darkly comedic story, Nathan learns to see beyond the dysfunction, and realizes that for all their discord, his parents have something real between them — something he’d be lucky to have himself.


To raise production funds for this film we are accepting contributions via PayPal.  All profits derived from public contributions will be donated to The Cure Alzheimer’s Fund. You can contribute below. Thank you.

Moving Violations

Spectacular memoir from NPR host and broadcast journalist John Hockenberry.  Currently in development.